Mission Statement

Ascot Vale Primary School strives to provide an education and a future for all children by establishing a sense of self and a place in the global community.

We are committed to equality of opportunity and strive for all students to experience success, develop confidence and self-esteem, and achieve the highest possible learning and social outcomes.

We recognise the need to develop ongoing relationships by maintaining children in the same small cohort over a number of years. This is done in conjunction with maintaining teaching teams for more than one year.

Our programs aim at high quality academic learning, and all round physical, social and emotional development. In short, we strive for development of the whole child.

We value:

  • Multi-aging teaching and learning
  • Working co-operatively in teaching and learning teams
  • A friendly, caring, safe and supportive environment
  • Maximising the potential of each student
  • An inclusive and diverse school community
  • Holistic development of individuals through a balanced and innovative curriculum

School Profile

Ascot Vale Primary School is located in inner city Melbourne and the school was established in 1885. We have a long tradition of valuing innovative programs, team teaching, peer and cross-age student learning that is progressive, negotiated and inquiry directed. Curriculum support and enrichment programs are offered to reflect individual student needs and interests enabling students to attain the highest possible learning and social outcomes.

The current multi-age structure commenced in 1984 with support from the school community. The basis of the multi-age groups is prep/1/5/6 and 2/3/4. At times the composition of the grades changes to accommodate the different needs of student groupings within the school. A developmental learning model is used to enable children to have programs match their needs and to provide for younger and older children to interact socially and academically.

Ascot Vale Primary School supports a strong specialist program for all students, including Italian, Physical Education and Art. Further curriculum support and enrichment programs are also offered to reflect student interests and needs.

The grounds offers both active and passive areas for student play, a grassed area with gardens, two adventure playgrounds, a plexi-pave basketball court, sand pit, synthetic oval with running track, water tanks for our garden and toilets and indigenous plants. The school has an open gate policy that enables community groups and families to use the grounds on weekends.

The school offers outstanding teaching and learning programs in an environment where children enjoy learning. A dedicated and talented staff, together with supportive parents, work hard to continually improve the school around our identified priority areas.

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Habits of Mind information and listing

The students at Ascot Vale PS are introduced to Art Costa?s 16 ?Habits of Mind? from Year Prep to Year 6. Habits of Mind are behaviours that people employ to enable them to problem solve successfully. Students are required to reflect upon their own behaviour in light of the Habits of Mind and to collect evidence of these habits from their school work, activities they do at home or at their leisure time pursuits. They keep a record of this learning and thinking within their individual student digital portfolios.

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