The Maths program at Ascot Vale Primary School is based on the belief that all children will succeed in mathematics and there is an expectation that by the end of their primary schooling, students will be competent and confident in their mathematical learning.


We believe that students bring to school a wealth of experiences and understandings relating to the world around them. Open ended tasks and activities that relate to real life ensure students are engaged and involved in their learning. All rooms use a hands on approach and have a range of concrete materials that are easily accessible for students to use before they move on to abstract problem solving. Our focus is on the development of appropriate, strong mathematical skills and understandings, which will allow students to recognise what mathematics to use and how to use it in different contexts and situations, thereby becoming numerate.

At Ascot Vale Primary School, Middle years numeracy is approached with the following key understandings in mind:

  • teachers and their use of focussed learning experiences can make a difference to mathematical outcomes.
  • Engaging students in conversations to explain and justify their mathematical reasoning encourages them to reflect on their learning.
  • Using a range of flexible groupings in middle years classrooms provides support for different learning styles and recognises student diversity.

Middle Years Maths sessions at Ascot Vale Primary School may contain a variety of methods problem solving and thinking skills, discussion with peers and teachers, recall of number facts and listening to others.


The program is also enhanced by the inclusion of Earn and Learn which provides a rich link to the world of business and enables students to experience the links between mathematics and their world.

Students can access the on-line Maths 300 activities and the Maths task centre resource that has been established at the school. A discussion focus at the end of all sessions following the whole group- small group- whole group process is used at all levels of the Maths curriculum.