Integrated Curriculum

Semester long topics for study are set for Years Prep -6. An essential question underpins and guides each topic and student interests, needs and abilities are taken into account in curriculum plans devised for the early years (Prep -4) and middle years (5&6) students.

An inquiry learning process is followed: students are motivated and ‘tuned in’ to a new topic, inquire broadly into that topic and then demonstrate their learning (understanding) of the topic. As relevant, students ‘take action’ in connection to their learning as the final step of their inquiry.

An interdisciplinary approach that meets literacy, numeracy, science, health, history and geography is adopted for each topic.

  • 2008 Semester One: Making A Difference
  • 2008 Semester Two: Olympic Games/ China & Its Culture
  • 2009 Semester One: Neighbours
  • 2009 Semester Two: Our Place in Space
  • 2010 Semester One: How do I know I'm healthy?
  • 2010 Semester Two:
    • Term 3: Negotiated topic / Passions & Interests
    • Term 4: Multimedia Festival
  • 2011 Semester One: Times they are a 'Changing'