Science at Ascot Vale Primary School features the following:

Science Understanding – science as a human endeavour, biological sciences, chemical sciences, earth and space sciences, physical sciences

Science Inquiry Skills – questioning and predicting, planning and conducting, recording and processing, analysing and evaluating, and communicating.

You can access the Victorian Science Curriculum here:

Integrated Curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum Humanities Subjects of History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship and Economics and Business drive our two year Integrated Curriculum Cycle which carries into other areas of the curriculum. An essential question underpins and guides each topic and student interests, needs and abilities are taken into account in curriculum plans.
An inquiry learning process is followed: students prior knowledge is established and questions for future learning are shared. This approach in turn motivates and engages students . They immerse themselves into that topic and then demonstrate their understanding by reflecting on their learning during the final step of their inquiry.

You can access the Victorian Humanities Curriculum here:

  • Updated 5/18