Information Communications
Technology (ICT)

“In an increasingly technological and complex world, it is important students develop knowledge and confidence to critically analyse and respond creatively to design challenges. Technologies can play a crucial role in both enriching and transforming societies, and in the management of natural and constructed environments. Through the practical application of technologies, students develop dexterity and coordination. This curriculum offers students a broad range of learning experiences, readily transferable to their home, life, leisure activities, the wider community, and to work.”

Victorian Curriculum, Design & Technologies)

Students and teachers have access to notebooks, Google suite of Apps for Education, Televisions & monitors in each classroom an a variety of coding activities and equipment at AVPS. All students at AVPS can participate in a BYO device - iPad from year 4 to year 6.

Why 1-1?

“Learning in a 1-to-1 environment is active and student centred and opens up new possibilities. Each learner has access to a portable, networked digital device, such as a notebook or tablet that connects each learner with their teacher and other learners or experts, with real-world contexts for learning, multimedia resources, software for learning and online tools and applications.”

Why iPads?

  • The touch interface relates to technologies students already use and they are highly interactive.
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • It’s personal, light and very portable
  • Varied and excellent apps – students have choice on how to demonstrate their learning
  • Anywhere & anytime access to information and collaboration opportunities
  • Instant start up – effective use of class time
  • 10 hour battery life ensures it can be used throughout a school day
  • Minimal tech support is required

Internet / policy

Use of the internet is governed by the school’s ‘ICT Acceptable Use’ policy – this is a contract that students and parents agree to for use of ICT within the school. All iPads will be given access to our network and internet services. Links to relevant ICT policies are included.

Example of Student ICT acceptable use policy 2018 -

Mobile Communication Devices policy 2018-

Student Cyber Bullying

All updated policies can be found online at:

All current notes home can be found online at:


Regular network (history searches) and remote desktop searches may occur to monitor internet use. Students do not have access to the iTunes store or other social networking sites on personal devices at school. Students must not have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app installed on their device.


Updated 5/18