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Notes & Forms

Please refresh your browser to ensure you have access to the most recent notices and forms. All 2018 notes and forms will be stored here.

General Whole School / Unit Prep / One / Two Three / Four Five / Six

2018 Student Charges Sheet

2018 Student Charges Letter

P12 Yarrabee's Yesterday World 2018 3/4 Campaspe Camp 2018 2018 Summer Inter-school Sports
2018 Student ICT Agreement P12 Toys Over Time 2018 Swim Team Trials 2018 Swim Team Trials
2018 Unit Info sessions & picnic      
2018 local excursion and media permission form      
2018 Asthma Action Plan Request   2018 iPad App list 2018 iPad App list
Magic 1-2-3 & Emotion Coaching   Senior Swimming Senior Swimming
SRC -MAC ANZAC Ceremony     5/6 Camp
Parent teacher interviews 2018   NAPLAN 2018 NAPLAN 2018






This year we are aiming to improve the way we deliver notes and forms to families. We will continue to distribute all notes via classrooms (and have spare copies available there too) however we are placing copies of most notices online for ease of access for families and colour coding them. The colours and associated activities are:

  1. Yellow = General Activity / Excursion
  2. Blue = Sport/ PE & Swimming
  3. Green = Office
  4. White = Parent reps eg Special Lunch Day
  5. Pink / Purple = All other