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AVPS Enrolment Process- UPDATED 14/3/2017

We will be accepting 2018 PREP enrolment forms regardless of where you live.

Visit our office to collect a form. These are not available online.

We encourage you to hand in your enrolment form/s as soon as possible.

We will continue to monitor our enrolments for 2018 - note, we may only be able to accept local prep enrolments as we approach the new school year.

See below for

1) General Enrolment Information

2) Prep 2018 Transition Program

3) Key Transition Dates

4) School Tours - updated

5) Information Booklet for Year Prep Parents 2017



1. General Enrolment Information

We are now accepting 2018 prep enrolment forms regardless of where you live. Visit our office to collect a form.

We encourage you to hand in your enrolment forms as soon as possible.

We are obliged by the Department of Education and Training (DET) to accept all students for whom Ascot Vale PS is the closest Government school to their permanent residence (residential address, not a business address). This is measured, in a straight line, from your front door to the school's front entrance, on an online mapping tool. We will ask for proof of current residence - either a current local council rates notice, utility bill or rental agreement and match this to your driver’s licence or passport. We accept all siblings, regardless of current residential address (sibling must be currently enrolled). If you meet the above mentioned criteria, we will:

  • confirm with you that you meet the enrolment criteria
  • keep a copy of your proof of residence 
  • make an enrolment form available for you to complete
  • confirm with you the additional documentation that we require to complete the enrolment process
Once all documents and information have been collected we will confirm your child’s enrolment at Ascot Vale Primary School, as soon as possible. Please be patient as at peak times this could take some time. This is usually done by mail.

Please check the table below to see if we have sufficient places available for 2017, 2018 and 2019. We will update this information as it changes.

**If Ascot Vale Primary School is not your closest school, we currently have no spaces available**

Updated 14/3/2017

Current enrolment space available for families outside our local area

2017 - current



Prep/ Foundation




Year One




Year Two




Year Three




Year Four




Year Five




Year Six




Where there are insufficient places at our school for students who seek entry, we will maintain an enrolment waiting list, one per year level, with students ordered by the distance from their residential address to the school.

We need a completed enrolment form, and take a copy of proof of residence (see above), a copy of your child's birth certificate and immunisation status certificate in order to be placed on our waiting list.

We must:

  • enrol eligible students, who are new to the Victorian government education system under the name contained in the documents supporting their admission; primarily their birth certificate

  • keep copies of sighted documents (Note: for primary students this includes an immunisation status certificate)  http://www.health.vic.gov.au/immunisation/factsheets/starting-primary-school.htm

  • verify changes to student enrolment names

  • maintain student details and movements in enrolment history

  • keep all information confidential and managed in accordance wit the Department’s privacy policy Victorian privacy laws.

Before admitting a student we must:

  • collect relevant admission information

  • obtain a completed enrolment form

  • provide a privacy notice to the enrolling parent explaining the use to be made of admission information.

  • collect and record an immunisation status certificate – primary students. (A copy of maternal child health can not be accepted in place of this status certificate)  http://www.health.vic.gov.au/immunisation/factsheets/starting-primary-school.htm

For admission, all applicants must be:

  • an Australian citizen, or a student with relevant specified visas

  • deemed eligible and approved for enrolment by the principal or relevant regional director

International students have the opportunity to attend our school. All enquiries must be made to DET International Student Division. Phone +61 3 9637 2990


Grade Level entrance for new enrolments - for 2018

Birth Date 2018 Year Level
1.5.2012 – 30.4.2013 Prep
1.5.2011 – 30.4.2012 1
1.5.2010 – 30.4.2011 2
1.5.2009 – 30.4.2010 3
1.5.2008 – 30.4.2009 4
1.5.2007 – 30.4.2008 5
1.5.2006 – 30.4.2007 6


2. Prep Transition - 2018 Preps

Information for first time prep parents

Your child MUST be 5 years of age by the end of April in the year they begin school.  If your child turns 5 on May 1st, you will need to wait another year. There are no exceptions to this rule for any school.

Please enrol your child as soon as possible

This will help us plan for staffing and class structures for the following year.

There is NO need to enrol in more than one school.  If for example you are waiting to see if you are accepted into a catholic or private school, just wait until you have confirmation before you hand in enrolment forms to a state primary school. There will not be a problem getting in unless it is a ‘zoned’ school and you do not live in the immediate area. It creates many problems when people cancel enrolments so it’s better to wait.

Attend a tour at the schools you are interested in.  Most schools will have organised group tour dates. All primary schools hold transition programs for new preps. Our Transition program (3 sessions in 2017) is planned for November and December 2017 (see below for key dates). It is really important that your child attend these sessions so that teachers can observe interactions, your child can make new friends and the anxiety of going to school is lessened. Students will meet their 2017 teachers and classmates at the third transition session on Wednesday 20th December.

Immunisation information for parents enrolling a child can be found here: http://docs.health.vic.gov.au/docs/doc/40FFDCDB809FEB1ECA257BFE000089EB/$FILE/1309006_starting_primary_dl_5.pdf

By law, all students, whether immunised or not, must present an immunisation status certificate before they can attend school.

A basic map of our school is available to download. Click here.

3. Key Transition Dates 2017

  1. Wednesday 3rd May 2017 - Prep 2018 Information Session 7-8pm in unit 4. Register here: AVPS Prep 2018 Information Session
  2. Wednesday 1st November 2017- Prep Pre- Transition information session (enrolled students only) 7-8pm in unit 4
  3. Thursday 9th November 2017 - Transition Session 1 - 2:15-3:30pm - meet in hall
  4. Wednesday 6th December 2017 - Transition Session 2 - 2:15-3:30pm - meet in hall
  5. Wednesday 20th December 2017 - Transition session 3 - 9.15-11.00am (in 2018 classrooms - meet the teachers and students)


4. School Tours – STARTING Term 2 2017

School tours are scheduled for term 2.

Please book into one of our term 2 tours via the relevant link below.

Tour Date Start Time To Book - visit link below
Thur 27th April 9.30am AVPS School Tour 1
Tues 2nd May 11.30am AVPS School Tour 2
Mon 15th May 9.30am AVPS School Tour 3
Thur 25th May 11.30am AVPS School Tour 4
Wed 31st May 10.00am AVPS School Tour 5
Tues 6th June 9.30am AVPS School Tour 6
Wed 21st June 11.30am AVPS School Tour 7

We anticipate that school tours will take between 45-60 minutes. Please come to the school office to sign in 5 minutes prior to tour starting.

5. AVPS Information Booklet for Year Prep Parents 2017

Access the 2017 Information Booklet at this link

Sue Osborne & Michael Downing- Principal Team


9370 6507